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All bath faucets have the same function, they deliver water. The difference is in their unique styles that set up the design of your bathroom. You can choose faucets based on size, functionality, finish, spigot or handles. Do not forget to factor in durability and effectiveness when purchasing faucets.
Selection of bath faucets

Consider what types of faucets are available and dont forget design compatibility. It should match the other hardware in the room and how it fits into your sink or basin.

To make this process less of an ordeal, there is one way to identify the many kinds of popular bath faucets and that is by the material. Stainless steel and chrome are the leaders in this department because they can be shined up to a high polish and look good and contemporary at the same time. Those favoring a traditional look need not be disappointed; there are nickel and brass faucets for that antique finish.

Types of bath faucets:

There are two basic types of bath faucets depending on the function they perform. The compression faucets usually have two handles for hot and cold water, which flows through washers. The faucets with a single knob/lever have a different mechanism and are called mixing faucets. The one handle controls both the temperature and pressure. These are more durable, but because the compression type looks modern and sleek, people prefer it more. Spigots may be luxurious or simple or just plain eye-catching in design. The latest in line being the gooseneck rightly named for its long, graceful curvature making it easy to fill tubs or even mugs. The addition of pull out sprayers can extend beyond the basin area with a flexible plastic hose and adjustable nozzle if need be.

Uses of bath faucets:

Bath faucets have the primary function of delivering water, but they can be enhanced as accessories to add a touch of class. There are spigots available for providing almost boiling water, filtered water or dish/hand washing liquid from the receptacles beneath the counter. It all depends on how you wish to use it or faucet-it!
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Bath Faucets

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This article was published on 2011/01/05