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A bath lift is a chair that is specifically designed for the elderly and the disabled so that they can be independent while taking a bath. The chair fits perfectly into the bathtub and does not need to be drilled into place. Its compact design ensures it sits as far back as possible in the tub, offering maximum legroom.

These bath chairs are simple and safe to operate. They lower the user gently into a warm, soothing bath, and then raise them in a controlled motion to tub level when they are ready, making bathing a pleasure. There is a safety feature which does not allow the bath lift to lower the user into the bath if there is not enough charge in the hand controller to raise them back out again.

This type of residential lift is supplied with a hand controller unit that is designed to make it easy to press the Up and Down buttons with ease, even when the controller unit is wet or if the user has limited dexterity in their hands and fingers.
Most of these chairs are run using batteries so that there is no danger of the person experiencing an electric shock. The batteries are rechargeable and are enclosed in the hand controller. When the batteries need to be recharged, you simply unplug the hand controller from the bath lift and plug it into the recharging cable for a few hours. This will fully recharge the batteries and you will be ready for the next days bath.

There are reclining bath lifts available which means that the back of the bath lift is adjustable, enabling the user to lie down in the bath rather than sit up straight. Although this type of disabled lift does not fully recline to a horizontal position, it does recline into a comfortable and safe position enabling most of your upper body to submerge in the water.

The Bath Lift is a practical bathing solution, allowing users to retain their independence by providing the ultimate in safety, quality and reliability.

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Bath Lift

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This article was published on 2011/01/25