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In these modern times that we live in we are lucky to have a choice of either having a bath or a shower. If wanting to relax most people would opt to have a bath so that they can soak in a lovely hot tub of bubbles. Others would prefer the convenience of a shower and the invigorating feeling that comes with waking yourself up with one first thing in the morning.

Of course it could be argued that there is nothing quite like a soak in a gorgeous old fashioned tub with chrome taps and feet. Filling this to the brim with water and bubbles can give you an instant feeling of floating in a pool as they are built so deep.

With most people taking showers now because of their convenience and the fact that they are less time-consuming as having a soak in the tub many of us have forgotten just how relaxing having a bath can be.

Although it is unknown as to when mud baths were initially used it is known that the Ancient Romans were a big fan of this rejuvenating method of relaxation. Young and old people would gather at the places where the mud rose naturally and partake in lively conversation as they immersed themselves in the mud. Whether male or female, healthy or ill all would congregate here as even at that time it was renowned as a great way not only to relax but to heal the body of pains and aches.

Whether you prefer to have a shower or a bath both are a relaxing way of cleansing yourself of the harshness of the day.

Ensuring you have chosen the right bathroom suite and faucets will also add to the feeling of relaxation. A very deep bath for example will cover you entirely and if you add bubbles to this then it will feel like you are floating away on a cloud of relaxation.

It is possible nowadays also to have a bathtub big enough for two. Some even come custom-made so that it is possible to have a tub in the shape of a heart that is big enough for two just to add a little romance to bath time.

If looking to get a custom made tub ensure that your faucet matches your mood for example very standardised taps with a beautiful subversive heart-shaped tub would more than likely look quite out of place. However, if you opted for the heart design and had elegant chrome taps fitted then this would make the finished result look very elegant and welcoming. Choosing the perfect decor to match your bathroom is something that some people can easily overlook especially when it comes to choosing the taps. Most people would just bypass this and either let the retailer decide or not think about it at all and take the taps that came as standard. Only after having it fitted do they then realise that it would not look as beautiful as some of the taps they could have chosen.

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Bath or Shower

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This article was published on 2010/11/23