Bathing in Style and Comfort

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Whoever thought bathing would be a source of great fun! Especially on that cold winter morning, when all you can think of is to cuddle inside that cozy big blanket of yours. But today, there are so many innovative features coming out in the market to change that. They transform the look of plain and bare bathrooms to sleek, glamorous rooms. And more than that, they provide more comfort and soothing sensation to the users.

A style revolution has taken place in case of Bathroom fixtures. Traditional brass and iron taps and other fittings have been replaced by chic and stylish steel innovations. Touch sensitive water sources are the in-thing with glamorised bath spaces. Imagine a glass water sink traded for that lacklustre white one!

Plain old boring ceramic bathtubs have also become part of the past. You would find many practical and fashionable substitutes in acrylic and fibre. Bathtubs today come in great shapes and sizes- narrow ones, twin tubs big enough to fit two persons for a romantic interlude, even therapeutic ones fitted with power water nozzles to concentrate on those stressed parts of your body.

Apart from the basic bathtubs, there are also luxury pieces available. Claw foot bath tubs make a distinctive impression of the person owning it. Even the rim of the bath tubs can be styled in various ways, to suit the comforts and tastes of the users.

Happy news for trendy mommies is here with the Baby bath tub. Widely appreciated by mothers of wriggly babies, they are a very convenient addition to any nursery. To add to it, they are also available in cute and hip designs for that cherished offspring of yours.

The market for bathroom accessories also has great dimensions today. Towels, soaps, scrubs, bath pillows, shower caps, sponges- you name it, and its there. Maximum comfort in bathroom space is the keyword today in determining the accessories to pick. Bathroom accessories have also become an indispensible part of interior designing today, and Decorators use them optimally to enhance their decorative plans.

Choosing proper bathroom accessories goes a long way in lending elegance to any plain bathroom. Bath mats are a necessary accessory in both wet and dry bath space. In addition to the ordinary bath mats, today we find more contemporary designs in the market- the ones with geometric designs or bolder patterns.

Bath pillows are another recent addition to bathroom accessories. They are especially useful to make your precious time in bathtubs more comfortable. They are made of washable substance, and are attached with handy suction cups so that they could be affixed to any type of surface. Bath pillows even come in inflatable variety, so that they can be adjusted according to the height of comfort for a bather's neck.

Bathroom accessories now also include sweet-smelling frills such as scented soaps and scrubs. Classy potpourri placed here and there adds immense appreciation to any bathroom.

Designer accessories kits are now available which help in giving a uniform, steady designed look to bathrooms. These kits include similar-patterned towels, shower caps, soaps, cosmetic bottles and other related items.

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Bathing in Style and Comfort

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This article was published on 2010/03/26