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Bathrooms being one of the most important parts of the houses these days, it is important that we take utmost care in designing a bathroom. There are a lot of accessories that go into it during the making of it. While choosing the accessories, one has to be careful as to choose the best one for it as bathroom accessories play an integral role in giving the bathrooms the imagined look. Shower heads, taps, mirrors are some of the accessories that are commonly used.

Bath tubs are not a very popular option as it consumes a lot of space. But now, the bathtub cult is moving up. The recently constructed houses tend to go for bathrooms with bath tub facility and existing spacious bathrooms tend to incorporate a new bath tub.

Carron baths are the latest introduction to this category. It is very stylish and has many functions. It is mostly available in white color with acrylic and carronite finishing. The capacity of the bath tub differs from model to model. It can range from 135 liters to 230 litres. The bath tubs are made in such a way the user feels very safe in it. There are anti-slippery bases along with grips on both the sides.

There are models available with and without tap holes. Models which do not have a tap hole is not a problem at all. It can be drilled in very neatly in very short period of time. Single ended, double ended are the other criteria in which the baths are categorized. A well-made carron bath can last up to even 30 years.

A bath tub has to look inviting. It is very important for it to remain comfortable while in the bath. While selecting a bath, the user should be kept in mind as the comfort level of the user is very important. Carron quantum single ended bath 1500*700mm, carron matrix standard bath 1600*700mm, carron alpha double ended bath 1700*700mm are some of the carron bath varieties. There is a wide range to choose from and many specifications for each of them. To choose the best is the user's responsibility.

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Carron Baths - For a Relaxed Bath

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This article was published on 2011/01/12